About Us

Thaitropic was founded in July of 2017.

Norwegian headquarter located in Kristiansund,

and branch offices in Nakhon Ratchasima- Thailand

Thaitropic is a international trusted website  for people to

discover and book directly at unique resorts and accommodation

around i Thailand — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

Thaitropic is a informative website whose task is to collect and recommend

resorts and destinations in Thailand, based on reliable sources. 

Thaitropic connects people to unique travel experiences,

at any price point, in more than 150 destinations in Thailand so far,

and this number is just growing.

Thai Tropics outstanding clearly structure and collection

of experiences in one place,  makes Thaitropic the easiest,

fastest and cheapest way for people, to find

their desired resorts and destination.

We at Thai Tropic are wery grateful for the opportunity

to showcase this beautiful country to an audience of millions.


Our motto is "Keep it simple"


From time to time Thaitropic reserves the right to launch membership packages.

These are reserved for special promotions and additional services.

This gives us the opportunity to continually create better offers

and experiences for our visitors and to extend our portfolio

to the benefit of our members.


You can read more about our membership packages  at:

Membership Options!


Feel free to contact us for more information and questions

about resorts, booking or about Thaitropic.


 Contact offices:


(+47) 97 70 61 34       Norwegian office

For requests on Norwegian - English