How good is your website?

Does it generate new customers for you?


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In today's worldwide situation, digital marketing is becoming more important than ever.

Your web page is your store window out to the world and the most important tool for visibility of your products and your brand.

It is impossible to find buyers when your products are invisible, and you are forced to work hard chasing customers by posting articles and do a lot of sharing on social media. And more... you must depend on others in hope of their sharings and forwarding of your posts and articles.

One shall expect the site to attract the ideal and perfect customers for the store, but for that to happen, the website must be attractive, visible and perfectly optimized. In this article, I have included some important points for your website to work as planned. If you need more details or help, get in touch. 

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What is your plan to appeal to potential customers?

Often people are more concerned with appearance of the site than the content. If you can manage to see it through the customer's eyes and combine this in a simple but professional way with good headlines, keywords and quality images in combination, this will be one of the factors that makes the website generate leads.

Your website should be a fully automated Powerstation that works by its own 24/7!

We would love to help you with...

  • How to target your optimal customers.
  • Who's your ideal customers -
  • Where can you find them -
  • How can you get their attention and what triggers them to take the step from being leads to become customers -
  • How to create communication and maintain this in a positive frutial way and what kind of communication to use.
  • How your website can become the perfect tool for both getting attention, produce leads, create communication, converting leads into customers, and create sales while you're at sleep.
  • How your website shall perform to build trust between customers and your business.

Furthermore, it is cruciall for your website to interact with other social channels, and of course, the right ones that fits best for your business, and where your best leads/customers can be found.

All of this is highly important knowledge and totally neccesarry to know to succeed with a website. We can teach you how, all you have to do is ask. Get in touch...

Do you have plans for a new website, improvement of your existing one or supplement with landing pages?

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Is your website easy to find, is it visible online??

Imagine that you are considering buying a product or a service, or you need help building a new business, investors or advisors..

What is the first thing you do? "You Google them." Who are you most likely to choose?
The first ones you see of course. The ones that rank highest in the search engine and with the best description that suits your search. 

What happens if you are invisible and your competitors appear on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..?
Of course people buy from your competitors as they are visible and the solution is available.


About Google:

There is more than 1.3 trillion web pages on Google, where 92% are invisible. This means there are amazing opportunities for everyone who want to do business. Did you know that in a small country as Norway alone (about 5 mill. citizens), google has more than 50 million searches every day, this actually makes up 85% of the searches.
Yes, Google is still the preferred one globally.


How would you like to have a website, a new or existing one, which appears among the top 8% visible on Google engines ?
The cool thing is that with some easy steps and the right strategy, it is absolutely possible!

Imagine how it would feel if your website generates leads when you are asleep? And even better...SALES!
Every morning would be a blessing waking up to!

But, when one is among the 8% visible, one has of course come a long way.
But that's only Step1.

Step 2.
When the leads/customer are inside the store (your website/store), the next step begins. How to keep the customer long enough in the store, how to keep them engaged and for interesting products to be discovered?

There is actually much more to tell here. This is just a small part of a guide to succeed with a website. Of course, we have not told how to make this work optimally. But we are happy to give a lot of free advice to help you along the way.

Do you want to know more ? Check our Platinum package here...