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Important reading and understanding 


There are articles / reviews on the internet as well as on Youtube that mention Crowd1 as a ponzi scheme or an illegal pyramid game and scam. We want to shed light on the facts and with that, disprove these rumors that want to hurt our company and scare ignorant people from becoming part of Crowd1. Know that these articles and / or Youtube videos are only a result of ignorance and / or an attempt to blackmail our company in order to recruit people to their own companies. They have no root in facts or reality and are therefore only allegations and rumors created to scare!
The guidelines in Crowd1´s business policy are clear in these areas:


Free membership:
To become an affiliate, you first need to be a registered free Associate and you must be at least 18 years of age and have reached the age of majority in your state of residence.
No one makes money recruiting a new members:
Crowd1 does not pay any commission or compensation, nor give any other form of bonus or reward for referring new Associates to Crowd1. The only way you, as an Affiliate can be rewarded, is if any of the Associates you have direct or indirect referred to Crowd1 purchase a Membership that can be used to acquire any of the product packages or in any of the crowdfunding that Crowd1, from time to time, offers their Associates to participate in. The rewards will be given as various (“Bonuses”) according to the reward system) 
RETURN POLICY / Refund and Chargeback:
When you purchase a Crowd1 Membership you have 14 days cooling off period which means that you can regret your purchase of whole and get a refund of your money. This cooling off period will be terminated and cancelled immediately if you choose to use any of the features in your Crowd1 website.
Crowd1 makes no warranties:
These terms and conditions are applicable for all Associates in Crowd1 that have been accepted to become an Affiliate, which allows the Affiliate to refer new free Associates to upgrade into a paid Membership, that includes several internal and external features, that Crowd1 from time to time offer their Associates to join and potentially earn money from. If you chose to refer an Associate with a paid Membership, Crowd1 may provide them with purchasing rights for owner rights, that can be purchased at a later stage at a pre-determined price, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will earn money or make profits, and you are hereby also warned that the owner rights may lose all their value.
Note: Which company or business can guarantee income forever or without risk? Oil companies, financial companies, employers in general ... Everyone can be affected by financial crises, natural disasters, stock market crises, banking crises etc ... and this of course affects the world economy as a whole. Crowd1 is a company like everyone else and the opportunities and risks apply to this company like everyone else in the world.
Crowd1 does not sell stocks:
Crowd1 sells educational packages and owner rights. If and when you as an Associate buy owner rights in any form, please note that Crowd1 is NOT a registered financial advisor, that owner rights is not a financial instrument, but merely a token of ownership in a shared profits pool and all purchases involves a risk of full financial loss, always consult a professional prior to purchasing owner rights.
Crowd1 protects your investment and your identity:
Due to the protection of Crowd1, the Associates and the Affiliates and to be compliant with applicable regulations, Crowd1 can at any time, at their own decision, ask the Affiliate to provide documents to verify the Assiciate’s identity and proof of address.These documents may be a copy of the Affiliate's passport and a copy of a utility bill that is not older than 90 days and shows the address of the Affiliate. This request is called (“KYC Request”). This is also for the member's own safety and which ensures that no one else can claim the member's earned funds.
Legal & Tax compliance
You are subject to all laws of the state, province and/or country in which you reside and from which you access Crowd1’s website and the Crowd1 crowd funding and you are solely responsible for obeying those laws.
This is fact-based information that you can also find on Crowd1's website under Terms.
You can become part of Crowd1 even if you live in a restricted country, as long as you have an address in another already approved country.