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Landing Page
A landing page is a standalone page perfect
for a marketing or advertising campaign.
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In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

It’s where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
or similar places on the web.

Unlike web pages, which typically have many goals and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal,
known as a call to action (or CTA, for short).

It’s this focus that makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns
and lowering your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

To compliment your website we will even give you 12 months free hosting worth £129 for free, so your site can be found by search engines. 

Please be aware that site security is required and this is an additional cost.
A next gen SSL certificate starts from £189 and we will discuss your option and this will be invoiced separately. 

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