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Our Work


At Thai Tropic we are passionate about our work  

and genuine  in our interactions  with our Core Partners.

Together we create extraordinary experiences

for our site visitors and partners customers,

and we always deliver excellence.

We connect customers and partners/ partner resorts,

and in that way  we also become  connected

to both partners and customers.


About this site


We created this site solely to make it easy for people

to directly find the best

destination, location and resort  for their travel to Thailand

without have to search an amount  of traveling sites

and do the comparisons and assessments by them self.


There are so many traveling companies who  list so many places

and in that way  make it very hard for people to find  

what they are looking for and to choose.

We have therefore make the effort of collecting

the best destinations  and accommodations  based on

our own experiences, our friends and reliable sources.

These locations is not rated in the ordinary way as for

in traveling sites,  they are actually experienced and 

found recommendable  by trustworthy and ordinary people.


Another intention about Thai Tropic is, the PRICE!


We are concerned with where the money goes

and who makes the most of each booking.

Of course we agree about that everyone shall have

the opportunity  to earn money

and we have no intention to mislead anyone

or destroy for any travel agent/tour operator in that way.

But as we know, travel agents and tour operators charge

more and demand more of the customers than if booked

directly with the owner of the place.

We at Thai Tropic just want to make it easy for our visitors!


Direct booking....


......therefore gives the owner/our partner,  the opportunity

to manage the prices and formalities themself

and this is beneficial for the customer.

Thai Tropic charges noting from the customer

for booking trough our website directly,

and this opportunity you cant find

anywhere else  but  with Thai Tropic.




Thai Tropic now cover absolutely all the needs for the

tourists in Thailand through the extensions that you will

find in the menu in the frontpage. Extensions like,

Transportation (Taxi-Bus-Trains-Flights, Boats & Ferries),

Guided Tours, Find private Guide, International Flights (worldwide),

Experiences in Thailand,

Other International Travel Agencies & Hotels/Resorts,

Emassies (for your country), Police support,

and Hospitals/Doctors & Medical Care.




We are also very grateful and happy if someone feel for sending

their pictures - film and reviews  from their traveling to Thailand.

This will of course be reviewed and posted on our site

with the same intentions of helping our

millions of visitors  to find what they are searching for

and of course,  at a great advantage for our partners.

In this way we have the opportunity to create

a huge society of volunteers  who are willing to

work for each other worldwide  and at the same time

create better economy within  and even a

better  Thailand to visit in the future.

Just visit our Contact pages and fill out the form and send.

We will contact you and arrange transfering of files.

Thank you!