Sukhothai  Information:

... is located in the valley of the Yom River

in the lower north of Thailand. 

The Khao Luang Mountain Range, with its four main peaks:

Khao Phu Kha, Khao Phra Mae Ya, Khao Chedi, and Pha Narai,

lies within the Ramkhamhaeng National Park in the south of the province.


The name means, the Dawn of Happiness,

was a town founded in the 13th century on the fringe of the Khmer empire.

The exact year is unknown, but according to the Fine Arts Office

it was between 1238 and 1257. 


Not far from this location are the Si Satchanalai historical park

and the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park.

Both were cities within the former Sukhothai kingdom

and of the same time period.

The province was at first known as Sawankhalok;

it was renamed to Sukhothai in 1939.


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