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Thaitropic.com is an independent web site operated by a private company

Nrf Hop Vat no. 987 872 314, and had its start-up in 2017.

The site is intended to convey destinations in Thailand and simplify the process for visitors to find

their destination in Thailand. Thaitropic.com also aims to help destinations to market themselves

globally and to display their offers and terms and conditions on which their customers will benefit

from this instead of third party terms.  Terms Conditions



Thaitropic.com is an independent non profit second and third party whose sole purpose is to convey

its visitors directly to the destination we provide. In addition, Thaitropic.com has no responsibility for

what is happening between customer and destination. All booking is done after the customer has

visited the hotel/resorts website or booking forms that we provide and made a choice to book a stay.


With non-profit means that Thaitropic has no impact or profit on any booking between the customer

and the resort. However, we now works as an affiliate trough our partners. This helps us operate the

website and create better offers and experiences for both our members and partners.



Thaitropic.com has no influence on, impact on, or participation in booking holiday stays.

Thaitropic.com is only to be considered as an informative website for promotion of resorts in

Thailand. All kind of contact and or booking with any resort, takes place between customer / visitor

and the respective resort. On the other hand, Thaitropic.com can be consultant on both sides

regarding promotion, adverticing, booking, dispute or other questions related to customer, resort or

destination. This regards to as far as and as long as the Thaitropic staff feel advisable according to

the knowledge and degree of inquiry.



Thaitropic.com disclaims all liability regarding disputes and settlement between customer and

destination after leaving our site and after booking. Thus, this also applies to all kind of contact

between customer and destination after our visitors have left our website

and entered the destination website. Thaitropic.com is only an intermediary in this way.



Thaitropic.com reserves the right to market our partners in our own way, both on social media,

television and radio. We also allow the link to our site as well as our link logo posted on other sites

and social media as advertisements as long as these sites do not contain offensive, negative or

illegal content. We have strict rules for this and all forms of abuse will be investigated according to

international laws and regulations.



Our visitors who choose to book a destination through our website, accept and respect the

laws and regulations in Thailand, as well as the culture and the resorts / destinations terms and




Since Thaitropic.com is considered an intermediary, any person who

chooses to book directly with the resort / destination must ensure that all types of insurance,

travel insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, etc. are in order before traveling.





From time to time Thaitropic reserves the right to launch membership packages.

These are reserved for special promotions and additional services.

When purchasing membership at Thaitropic, the payment method is Paypal.

This is the most widely used, best-known, convenient/easiest and most secure

payment method available today worldwide.

When a membership is ordered, the customer is sent to Paypal for payment.

Then follow the instructions that are displayed regarding email, account creation

and login to the membership profile at Thaitropic.

Everything happens automatically and by following the instructions correctly it is a simple affair.



Liability (or issues) with payment


Thaitropic disclaims any liability regarding payment or refund of amounts as this is subject

Paypal's responsibilities and rules. By any issue in that way we recommend contact Paypal

for resolution of the inconvenience.

On the other hand, if the problem is tracked to Thaitropic, Paypal will contact us

and we will then make the necessary adjustments and updates as well as

take our responsibility towards the customer.



Unsubscribe Membership


If a member wishes to unsubscribe and / or regrets their purchase,

the amount will not be refunded on this order. The member will therefore,

regardless of the cancellation, still have access to all the chosen membership,

until the last open date of the chosen membership.



Updated 03/25/2019

Thaitropic Terms Conditions