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Book Directly - It's easier than you think!



The benefit of booking directly with the Hotels/Resorts !
A majority of people think it's easier to book travels through a travel operator. The reason for this is simply a phenomenon called "HABIT". Hotels/Resorts doesn't' have time or ability to promote themself in the same way as a travel operator do, therefor, they cooperate with them and get promoted that way. Travel operators collects the guests - Hotels taking care of them!

Ads from travel operators is what people se most of on internet and this is how "habits" been created. But in the end, it is also a really smart and healthy cooperation between two parts who benefits of each other.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in using a travel operator for your booking, but you don´t have to. That's the big difference between and all the other traveling sites out there. gives you the opportunity to choose whether you want to book trough a travel operator or directly at the Hotel/ destination. And we are the only travel site who do that in the world today in this way! And as you can see, we are also offering some of the hottest and most popular travel operators like Agoda - HotelsOne - Hotelopia - Hotels2thailand - Sawadee and more here in Thaitropic for our audience! The difference lies in the information given and the booking form, and of course sometimes the price. Tour operators offers booking trough their company booking form, with their information about each destination and at their prices, which can swing up and down, sometimes cheaper than others and other times a bit more expensive (never cheaper then the Hotels directly). Hotels/Resorts offers booking directly trough their authentic hotel booking form, with authentic information and always at authentic prices, and often special offers only promoted trough their own website!
IS IT SAFE to book direct, you ask?   
Well, let us explain that.



Book safely at the Destination.
By using, you do not have to worry about any problem because we have created a multi site which offers support in about whatever problems that may occur on a trip. We also trust our partners worldwide , their terms and conditions and their ability to give the very best service in the world for their guests, from the date of booking until the stay is over. Of course, they want you to come back and that you will give them good reviews. Our worldwide partners, take great pride in safety, security, and service.
About booking direct in Thailand
Thailand's population is mostly  Buddhists who believe in Karma. Hence,  "What you do to others will come back to yourself". Consequently, if problems arise on your journey  at their responsibility, they provide a service you could never imagine before! Because the people at the Destination take responsibility for you!
That attitude, secure the greatest service on Earth!
And you know what? This applies to all worldwide Partners / Hotels / Resorts and Tour operators, we offer here at
In this way, it is actually Supersafe to  BOOK DIRECT!

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Book HOTEL Directly at THAI RATES

Thaitropic now offers excellent booking opportunities where you can book hotels in Thailand at the world's lowest prices. Choose between booking form or our Hotel list where everyone offers direct rates without intermediaries. This has been made possible by our partnership with Sawadee which is Thailand's largest tourism operator and representing Thailand's hotels directly  at their own prices.
Without comparing your best hotel choices!


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